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Whoa...Kickstartered. Landed on my stoop this week...Now find time to play!!

Premier league, beer and Newton...not a bad Saturday afternoon!

Catching up here...Happy New Year everyone! May you have a great one and not at all be terrorized by an impromptu zombie tyrannosaur in 2019!

"It is perhaps because of this history that many people in the U.K. are so awfully uninformed about the EU. Its political and journalistic classes are simply unused to having to consider the opinions of others."

Brexit Britain: Small, boring and stupid -- Politico


Took a Social Media break during our vacation. Too much going on...

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Yesterday, 26th of September was Stanislav Petrov Day.

A day to celebrate that you, me, everyone isn't nuclear vapour right now.
SP - disobeyed orders and military protocol, used his own thinking, and by doing so averted nuclear retaliation based on false alarms that would likely have caused a mass nuclear war in 1983.

Stanislav Petrov, often referred to as "The man who saved the world" died in December 2017

I just don't believe that there are enough members of the coalition of the decent in America to save us. I hope I'm wrong. But I suspect that we are rotten to the core. Need to find if other people in the world still have retained their decency.

Laughing at (not equal to) laughing with.

Wherein the New York Times plays the dupe again and continues its role as useful idiot in destroying American democracy.

Ten years after the financial crisis, business journalism awaits its reckoning - Columbia Journalism Review


"Given the absence of an independent paper audit trail of the vote, the scope of this threat is difficult to quantify, though even a minor alteration of votes in close electoral races can make a material difference in the outcome," the judge said."

Georgia Voters Lose Last-Ditch Bid for Midterm Paper Ballots -- Bloomberg


Amusing Finalists From This Year’s ‘Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards’ -- Colossal