What is novadon.social?

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The purpose of Novadon.social is to provide an alternative to commercially-driven social media platforms and allow its users to share their lives, ideas, and experience in a safe and non-exploitative environment. Users of all (almost all) stripes are welcome -- liberals and conservatives, fundamentalists and atheists, theater geeks, movie buffs, imbibers, hockey fans, board gamers, lawyers, and world travelers to name a few. Those who are unwelcome: racists, homophobes, xenophobes, bigots...you get the idea. Novadon.social encourages the sharing of ideas that are based in fact, reason, tolerance, and the desire to improve the world in which we live. Novadon.social is a private instance that allows new users by invitation only. New users can be added to the instance with the reference and recommendation of an existing user and the approval of the administrator. It operates on a secure server. Your data will never be mined or shared and the Administrator will never post advertisements The timeline is chronological and does not operate on a algorithm that manipulates the social reality you see. Respectful and vigorous debate is encouraged and acceptable...ad hominem or personal attacks are not. Do not post something over which you are not prepared to engage in discussion. If you find a post that you find unacceptable, please report your concerns to the administrator -- do not take issues into your own hands.